Thursday, August 11, 2016

Interview with Snowyclaw from Animal Jam Spirit

Hey Jammers! Thatoldbarnxx here! I recently emailed Snowyclaw, a blogger at Animal Jam Spirit, and asked if I could interview her. She answered all of my questions and was very friendly!

Here's our interview.

Q: When and why did you start your now fabulously famous blog, Animal Jam Spirit?
A: I started AJS in June, 2011 because just a few days prior I had met the alpha Graham, walking around in Jamaa! I had always enjoyed the more lore-focused aspects of Jamaa, so seeing an alpha interacting with jammers inspired me to make the Animal Jam "Spirit".

Q: How did your blog become so popular?

A: To be honest, I'm not really sure! I think it was because I was so persistent – I just kept writing!

Q: What's the easiest way to advertise your blog?
A: Jamaa was small enough back then I could just advertise in Jamaa township! My friends even helped me. ^-^
Q: What is your advice for new bloggers?
A: Write about things you're interested in! Set yourself apart by writing your own way. :)


Q: How did your channel become famous?
A: I was encouraged to make videos by my blog readers, and have just kept making videos they're interested in!

Q: What program do you use to record your videos? And edit?

A: I use QuickTime to record my videos and Final Cut Pro to edit them.
Q: What program do you use for thumbnails?
A: I use Photoshop to edit my thumbnails (my mom gave me her extra seat).
Q: What advice do you have to new Animal Jam YouTubers?
A: Make videos about what you're interested in around Jamaa – show others why they should be interested too!


Q: When did you join Animal Jam?

A: I started playing in summer 2010.

Q: How often do you play Animal Jam, not while filming?
A: Almost every day during the summer, at least once a week during the school year!
Q: Do you ever have little "meet-ups" with your fans on the game? If so, when's the next one? ^_^
A: I am the creator of the JamCon events – hopefully I will hosting some online versions in the future!
Q: Was there any inspiration for your [snazzy] outfit?
A: Hmm, I like wolves, I like deer, and I loved the selections of pretty brown colors in the palette!
Q: Your dens are usually nature-themed and always A-MAZ-ING! What's your secret?
A: I just keep putting more and more flowers everywhere I can, and I treat it as if it is my own home (always adding a piano, art, etc).
Q: What's your opinion on nonmembers?
A: I think there are a few more features AJHQ should give to nonmembers (gifting, for example), but otherwise there is a decent amount of freedom for an online game. Membership is needed to keep the game running!


Q: How was VidCon & Disneyland?

A: Absolutely WONDERFUL! I had so much fun meeting new jammers and learning about YouTube culture.

Q: You've been hosting a lot of IRL meetups lately! Ever think you'll host one in, say, California? >w<
A: Perhaps in the Los Angeles area... ;D
Q: Last question! What does it take to become your buddy? xP
A: I often buddy jammers, but I don't often buddy them when they ask me to immediately after we meet. I like to get to know people first, I am rather shy, and it's nice to know someone will treat me like a real person instead a collectable object before I buddy them. >.<

Special thanks to Snowyclaw for answering my questions! Check out her blog, Animal Jam Spirit! It is very helpful, active, and always being updated!

Thanks for reading!
xx Barn

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